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Monument Proclamation from Pades is an imposing building not only by size but also by the depth of simplicity, a perfect agreement with a Romanian millenary tradition, simply a popular stone crucifix and put on a pedestal that shape and its construction suggests eternity, by placing it in plain sunlight or ramparts of Tudor Vladimirescu, exactly in the place where in 1821 dolphins and all gathered there heard one of the first documents in modern political thinking and Romanian revolution.

Raising Monument from Pades was an expression of national unity. The Monument from Pades erected in memory of  Tudor Vladimirescu leader's revolution of 1821 is a grand achievement on a square plan concrete base stands a truncated pyramid of rough stone blocks with sides 10m 9,5m high. On the east side of the truncated pyramid was carved a staircase with 12 steps going up to baldachin.In niches formed by colonetele canopy mounted four  reliefs  rectangular cast-bronze memorable scenes from the revolution of 1821.

Meplatul on the eastern side of the monument is carved in relief image of Tudor Vladimirescu flanked with the inscription,, Mr Tudor and overhead are two medallions with elements of old coats of Oltenia and Muntenia (Lion and Eagle).

On the west side of the monument is fixed another bronze Mepla conducted by Emil Beker which is embossed text from Pades Proclamation of 23 January 1821.

 In the northern meplat, part of the canopy is represented the  Assembly from Pades with  Tudor Vladimirescu in center. South meplat is the scene oath by the boyars in Bucharest in front of Tudor Vladimirescu.




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