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Big and Small Zaton are two artificial lakes karst of different sizes on either side of the Cave of the bridge.

As karstic lake, presents particularities and can reach impressive dimensions, almost 2 Km2 and a depth of 20 m at the highest point of the strainer.

It is bordered by a horseshoe Cave Hill, the Cracul Buican, Cujniţei Horn, Hill Balut and Dosul Buseştilor terraces that are seen traces left by the shifting waters.

In the rich rainfall, the lake dries up not offering a breathtaking view. When installing drought, water disappear into the depths of the cave and the landscape becomes barren by aridity.

Lake ghost "as he calls Cristian Lascu remain as a wound, reddish trail lined terraces.

In autumn, when the waters return after the rains start, halt mallard mirror of quiet in a setting downright romantic.

Small form zaton northeast of God's Bridge, opposite the Great zaton when abundant rainfall and stream flow that comes under Stei can not be picked up by sip. The waters of the lake sometimes unite with Turk Valley flooding the entire area that is otherwise used for agriculture.

Lake Zăton arrangement could enhance the tourism potential of all parts of the mountains of our county.

This material is taken from the site Ponoarele Hall.


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