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The hostel "Izvorul Rece" is located on National Road 67D, the road that leads from Baia de Aramă to Băile Herculane, at the entrance to Brebina village, only 1 km away from Baia de Aramă town, on the left side of the road. It gets its name from the spring that gushes out from near the hostel and passes right under its building being captured for its own trout farm (Among the important localities that are situated nearby, we mention Baia de Aramă - 1 km, Tismana 20 km, Baile Herculane 59 km, Ponoarele 6 km, Isverna - 25 km.
Accommodation services
SC COMTIT 2005 SRL from Brebina village, Baia de Aramă town, Mehedinți county.
Hostel "Izvorul Rece" offers you the following services:
• accommodation (90 places), in rooms with 2, 3, 4 or furnished beds, each in separate room with private bathroom and TV;
• restaurant with 250 seats where you can serve traditional Romanian dishes, with the house specialty being the trout (from our own trout farm) with polenta,
• the possibility of organizing festive meals in a hall with 500 seats
• the possibility of organizing conferences in a room with 50 seats
Accommodation price: between 110 lei / room / day and 150 lei / room
The booking must be made at least 48 hours in advance. For large groups (school camps) significant price reductions can be granted for both meals and accommodation. The rates in this case are negotiable.
There are two building bodies
-The main building is located at the front with 20 rooms with central heating
-The secondary building is located in the back, having a number of 12 rooms with central heating
The hostel benefits from its own parking - 2500 square meters.
Restaurant services:
At Hostel "Izvorul Rece" in Brebina village, Baia de Aramă town, you can dine at the own restaurant with approximately 250 seats. The specialty of the house is trout with polenta, trout grown in our own trout farm. You can also choose other varieties of dishes cooked in the traditional Romanian style. The bread and pastries are prepared in our own bakery. On nice days, it is a real pleasure to serve the meal in the open air next to the trout pond, under the apple trees.
Event services
if you want to organize an important event in your life (wedding, christening, civil wedding, birthday or name day) SC COMTIT 2005 SRL through Hostel Izvorul Rece offers you a hall with approximately 500 seats and a 250 people. The fact that we offer confectionery services is up-to-date. You can order cakes and pastries for any event.
If you want to organize a business meeting, with presentations and discussions on various topics, SC COMTIT 2005 SRL offers you a conference room with 50 seats
To spend your free time, Hostel "Izvorul Rece" offers you, for a fee, a tennis table and a pool table. For groups, there is a 32x22 m mini-football pitch covered with grass and a mini-football/handball/basketball pitch covered with artificial turf. The location has a gazebo, garden with space for barbecue and campfire. For relaxation there is a park with benches and lawn, heated indoor swimming pool owned by SC COMTIT 2005 SRL.
Telephone: 0252381509, 0744576562