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                    The building began in 1935 during priest Al.Dobrescu. In the middle of the plateau near the old church rises an imposing new building with a white roof, a dome with 12 windows and the facade crafted in fine drops of calcium, a true wonder and the pride of the population. The biblical scenes are representative, made in living colors, the golden color being the dominant. The icons made by the same painter, the wooden iconostasis and oratory, elaborately carved and the reredos worked in gilded foil, without ostentation, are matching the really impressive outer side that give him the look of a real cathedral. Near the church, on the plateau, was built a beautiful marble fountain which through its elegance and white color, live up to the entire edifice proving that in these places as long as there is water, there is also faith.

  The Belfry is in the right side of the church, being based on four metal tubes, having an indoor staircase that leads to a small platform, with wooden and metal semantron. The entrance of the church is made by three arches, the middle one being higher and the lateral arches are formed by the four pillars on which is based the porch and on one of the arches pillars, in the interior, is painted Sf.Nicodim of Tismana.

  Above the door is the inscription, in the left side is St. Peter and St. Demetrius, and the right side of the entrance, St. Paul and St. George. The narthex has three windows on the sides, between which being painted Sf. Ecaterina and St. Barbara on the right and the left St. Martyr Haralambos, St. Pious Anthony, St. Martyr Filofteia and St. Pious Parascheva. On the narthex ceiling is painted Madonna with the Child and biblical scenes on sides: on the right is the Nativity, above is the Merciful Samaritan and at the bottom is the raising of Lazarus; on the left side is the Entrance in the Curch of the Mother of God, above is the Healing of the Blind and the Return of the Prodigal Son at the bottom

     Above the windows are painted four saints in shape of a medalion. In the nave the windows are  arranged two by two on the sides of the aisles, between the windows are painted, on the left: St. Martyr Nicolae Oprea, St. Kings Constantine and Helena, St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel, surrounding the Mother of God and Right Ana, near the altar, and on the right: St. John the Roman, St. Martyr Panteleimon, St. Teodor Tiron, St. Martyr Michael, St. Great Martyr George framed by Virgin Mary and John the Prescient Baptist, and near the altar is St. Right Joachim.

     The altar has three windows arranged symmetrically to the Holy Table and a window at the Oblation. On the walls are painted the St. Hierarchs and on the ceiling of the altar is painted Virgin Mary with Child surrounded by angels.


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