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God or Natural Bridge as it is called, is in the center, near the town hall, is a huge stone archway over the road passing Baia de Arama - Drobeta, crossing the Threshold Valley.

He was formed by collapse of the upper wall of the cave, and the landscape is imposed by massive 30 m long, 13 m high, 22 m wide and 9 m wide.

Bridge can be admired in all its grandeur in Crovul Cave, where the opening to reveal Threshold Valley and its structure made of limestone blocks tiered bunk erosion and long time.

Viewed from the opposite side, from the Turk Valley Bridge itself as a giant arc, hardened, under which admires Cave Hill and blue sky.

Locals have kept many legends about the formation Bridge which explains the name of God's Bridge or Bridge of Giants:

"God and was moved with compassion for people who could not pass the Ponoarele Threshold Valley and the devil drove him sheltering in the cave of Pod. Devil fled when the cave ceiling was collapsed and God made bridge for people. Devil came to zaton Mare scratches with claws cliffs of Cave Hill. There was placed on a stone bearing his name and now (Devil's Rock) ".

Material taken from the site Ponoarele Hall.



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