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“Casa Iilor” (The “IA - Traditional Romanian Blouse” House)

You will have the opportunity to meet open and welcoming persons that respect people who visit them. You will see folks with magical golden hands, who create wonderful things. We would like you to be interested in our business and to have the courage to ask us questions. We will be here for you, paying you attention and showing you our deep concern! We look forward to seeing you at “Casa Iilor”!

The Lavender Room

… if you happen to come to “Casa Iilor” and if you have chosen the lavender room, you will definitely feel, from the very beginning that all your troubles will slowly fly away. You will be touched by the soft scent of the lavender threads that drift to you directly from the furniture painted for you with love by the gifted ones.


The Daisies Room

            The daisy also called the flower of innocence decorates one of our rooms. It enters daring right from the back yard. There, it uncovers its true beauty.

The Poppy Room

… for those who want to awaken their bliss with poppy flowers, to feel the way in which mountains come close to their windows; for those who love the horizon with its colourful image, we will just tell you that we are waiting for you here, in the poppy room!


Forget-me-not Room

            Forget-me-not room will conquer you with its intimacy. Those who love the colours of the sky will discover that they nicely blend with the delicate blue of the forget-me-not flowers.


The Sun Room

            If the sunflower bends over you, this means that it will tell you a story. Listen to it! In its whispers you will feel the rustle of the field, the thrill of the forests and the silence of the infinity. You will take a deep sleep and, in the morning, you will tell us that you slept better than anywhere else!

The Living Room

We created this room from the bottom of our hearts. There is the place where the host can tell local stories (only if you want to) while you are enjoying a mug of mulled wine or a glass of flavoured traditional brandy called “țuică”.


 “Casa Iilor” (The “IA - Traditional Romanian Blouse” House)

Cracul Muntelui Village, No. 12

Ponoarele, Mehedinți county, Romania

0742 306 302

0751 300 097

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