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1. The White House Pension

Address:  No. 44, The Victory’s Street, Baia de Arama City

      The  ’’White House’’  Restaurant  is situated in Baia de Arama City, on  the Victory’s Street  (the road leading to Ponoarele), no. 44.

We wait for you with a daily menu , just for 12 Rons, and with freshly-cooked food. For further information, click on the title!



2. The Cold Spring Hotel

The Cold Spring  Hotel is situated on the main  road  DN67D,  leading from Baia de Arama to Herculane Baths, when entering  the village of Brebina, just 1 kilometre away from Baia de Arama City, on the  left side of the road. The origins of its names are in the spring coming up  to the surface near the hotel, which flows  under the very bulding of the hotel. Its water is used for breeding up trout. Among the most important cities near this hotel, we can mention: Baia de Aramă - 1 km, Tismana - 20 km, Băile Herculane 59 km, Ponoarele 6 km, Isverna - 25 km. For details, click on the title!!



3. Maria Elena Pension

If you are in love with nature and you are willing to get to another place blessed  by God, come  to Ponoarele, Mehedinti County, where  Maria Elena Pension welcomes  you, in a lovely scenery


4. Conacu' Boierului

Selected dishes, delicious home-made food, cooked by our skilled chefs, girls and boys in the village who revive the tradition and put into practice what they learned from their grandmothers. The atmosphere of the restaurant is manorial, elegant and warm at the same time. Our waiters, young people in Ponoare, will make you feel like true boyars. Have not ever eaten girdle cake, sausages, fried cheese, flat-bread on the hob, house-made jam, eggplant appteizer, pies and many other goodies made 100% natural? At the countryseat this is what you can eat daily.

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