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   Clints are unusual karst forms that water has carved in limestone. They are groove shaped being true wrinkles furrowed by time on the limestone surfaces. The grooves sometimes exceed 4-5 meters in length and with a depth of 30 cm up, resembling some corridors cut in the rock where vegetation appeared: mullet, thyme, and nettle.  There are known three clints fields in the castrum of Ponoare. Upon entering the parish, on the right side, there are the Brăzişori clints, having massive rounded forms: “limestone heads resembling haystacks."

   The clints from the Great Cornet have a more simple and less spectacular forms. The best known and most interesting are the Cave Hill clints forming two distinct fields: the Field of Cleopatra and the Field of Aphrodite, named after the two beauties of antiquity.

   They spread as two fields of white flowers, gray and cold on a surface of several hundred square meters. Cleopatra field is located just above the exit of the cave and is the most compact and fascinating of all. At a distance of 200 m to the south is Aphrodite field, smaller and deeper channels that were populated by several forms of vegetation represented by a clump of dwarf beech, round shaped. These fields are truly unique in Europe, formed below the altitude of 600 m:

"Known in literature as the clints of Ponoarele, this is the most impressive karst phenomenon of this kind in Romania."

Material taken from the site of Ponoarele Hall.



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