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In the vicinity of the bridge is the bridge cave or cave Ponoarele. It has a length of 734 m and a first water drainage between Zăton and riddled basement galleries that this village is located. The cave is located just below the hill that bears his name representing only link between zaton Great and Small zaton performed at underground level.

Entry is shaped like an arch bridge that shows similarity with having width of 15 m and a height of over 3 m. The descent is slippery because the water dripping from the ceiling and the cave is always flooded when the waters rise zaton. A hundred meters to the right branch gallery exit from Zăton, but the road is barred by the presence strainer which makes communication with the underground floor. Left, after climbing least, go directly to Fossil Gallery showing interesting formations of stalactites and stalagmites red-yellow. Gallery has some lateral branches and home to a colony of bats protected by law. It's good that the cave be accessed with a guide and suitable equipment, exit to Zăton is difficult.

This material is taken from the site Ponoarele Hall.





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