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These keys are still very little known. They can be reached at diverting you from the road that climbs the Lilac Forest village about 3 km and crossing Baluta.

Just outside the village school and church is built on a rock at the foot Cornetului. Hardly up there footpaths in several houses Cornet, and on the way down to the valley Delureni.

Valley begins to close, guarded by two cones:  Cornetul Baluta and Buseştilor.

How descend on the left side of the road opens cave from which the thin trickle of a stream that dries up during the summer, when the landscape becomes almost deserted true desert.

On one side of the valley are piles of loose stones in the form of detritus lowered to the road. Vegetation has almost disappeared.

Only here and there by a tuft of grass can be a poor food for goats perched on cliffs. Valley rightly called Dry Valley and take a few hundred meters to the foot of the rock called Stone set flush against. From here the landscape is open and if raised, because at the foot of a stone fountain gushing captured to power in Bala spa complex, situated at a distance of 9 km road that crosses the village Delureni.

Material taken from the site Ponoarele Hall.


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