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1.Lilac from Ponoare Celebration, on May 4th and 5th 2019

The celebration of lilac in Ponoare is going to take place on 4th and 5th May (2019), this year.

The performing place: the stage built in the Lilac Wood.

Organisers: The City Hall and the City Council of Ponoarele

    In a pure landscape of the Northern Mehedinti County, the village of Ponoarele welcomes its travellers in a traditional way every year. With picaresque lands, the natural scenery depicts each place, together with its villagers, who praise its beauty and blessed parts. There can also be found numerous legend and stories hiding the secrets of brightly coloured flowers, with their sweets perfume.

       The famous Lilac Wood lays its charms on the Prislop Valley, the place where the Lilac Celebration enchants the tourists.  The lilac wood is situated 3 km far Ponoarele, at the crossing of the villages of Ponoarele, Tihuta and Baluta.  It is worth to mention that this reservation lies on surface of 20 hectares, being officially considered a natural monument. The access road, the only one, is a cobbled and very crowded one because of the celebration.

          The holiday is nationally known and it’s very appreciated among the large amount of tourists that come here every year. The Lilac Celebration usually takes place at the beginning of May, during the time when the lilac flowers bloom. This celebration of nature, of the uniquely perfumed purple and white lilac flowers, has become well-known in our country until now and it can be traced back time quite a lot.

The beauty of the natural scenery in Ponoare

Both the unique landscape and the folklore events performed here, have offered national acclaim. Acknowledging this celebration has crossed the borders of our country. Our outdoor cultural events enjoy  much audience, that is why the artistic show is well organized and diverse.  Nowadays, both locals and fellows from different regions of our country, join us at the celebration.

      The sweet smell of the lilac flowers, the perfume of love, are said to enchant numerous tourists, so they can discover another side of Romania. But it’s not just the lilac wood that attracts people in this divine landscape. Many other wonders labeled as natural monuments, unique in our country, impress people and invite them to return here. We can mention God’s Natural Bridge, Zaton Lake and the buried lapis.

         Come and discover the beauty of this long enriched with purple and white lilac road! Come to Ponoare


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2. The Town’s Celebration Days and the National Folklore Festival ‘’Mountain, Mountain, Beautiful Fir Tree!’- August 10-11, the 21 edition


    During 10-11 September 2019, within a complex cultural event- The Town’s Celebration Days,there will be organized the 21th edition of the National Folklore Festival “Mountain, Mountain, Beautiful Fir Tree!”.


      The folklore contest has become a tradition by its continuity during the years and by sustaining musical folklore. Baia de Arama, as the ethnographic target area, has remained a mark on the map of the national folklore festivals. The recipients of this contest have made themselves famous among folklore singers, as the National Folklore Festival “Mountain, Mountain, Beautiful Tree!” was a significant step in their musical career and in acknowledging their valuable voices, their interpretation of the local repertoire and of the jury, consisting of professionals in ethnology and  folklore.

      Preserving and accession of the Romanian cultural traditional patrimony and reviving the importance of valuable pieces from different ethnographic areas of our country represent the main goal of this National Folklore Festival of vocal and instrumental interpretation.

   For details and the regulation of the National Folklore Festival “Mountain, Mountain, Beautiful Fir Tree!”, access the website of the.CITY TOWN HALL


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   2019’s “Ponoare, Ponoare” Festival – the 14th edition of excitement  --  2-4 august 2018


       Mehedinti County has largely opened its  gates to invite its  people to new event for the last years. This amazing county also welcomes both locals and foreigners to be a part in numerous events happening here on various topics. Each and every event has enriched the fame and the wealth of our Mehedinti at the bottom of the mountain. Thanks to the impressive surrounding natural landscape, the significance of the events is very much sustained, as well as by hard-working inhabitants, who are open-minded and pay respect to cultural values, traditions, natural resources and to all events taking place every time.


                     2019’s “Ponoare, Ponoare” Festival- a unique opportunity of folklore enchantment

      One of the most expected cultural events is the 2018’s Festival ‘’Ponoare, Ponoare’’, reaching its 14th edition. This years, the festival is taking place from 2-4 August, in a special natural scenery, near the natural bridge of Ponoarele, also known as God’s Bridge. You may find the programme of the Festival on the official site of the Ponoarele Administration/Town Hall    , together with the regulations for Festivalul ,,Ponoare,Ponoare 2019 those who wish to be a part of the contest within our 2019’s “Ponoare, Ponoare” Festival.

     The famous folklore singer Niculina Stoican will be both the manager of the festival and the president of the jury, and the musical background will be provided by the ,,Lautarii Mehedintiului conducted by Nicolae Draghia.

      During these festival days, winners of the previous edition and famous artists, lovers of the Romanian folklore and connoisseurs of our traditions, will perform on the stage of the festival. On the last day of the event, besides the artists’ performances, a delightful bonfire will be lit as the night is falling down, apart from other surprise

    Those who organized the event are waitingfor you between 2th and 4th August and invite the tourists to discover once again the natural beauties of our touristic Romania, by valuing the opportunities offered by the special places of Mehedinti County.

                           We wait for all of you to join us to the 2019’s  “Ponoare, Ponoare” Festival!


          4.MTB The Race of Ponoarele, 14th September 2019


The MTB Race Contest and the passion for nature and adrenaline!

                                                    Take your bicycle and let’s get cycling!

We learn to cycle since childhood, and our bicycle is, no matter  if we are from a village or from a town, our fast friend, which  will take us to our destination. And because we  need that even as grown-ups, there is a special event, a contest, taking place just for our wish to cycle, somewhere, in a special scenery, full of suprises, for those who are pasionate of nature and adrenaline.

The MTB Race welcomes its contestants this year, too, in Mehedinti County, on September 14th, 2019, for a new whole adventure!

The will take place on September 14th, and it will start at 10 o’clock a.m. . And you may choose your own route, from the two ones established by us:

-Hobby: Baluta’s Keys, 21 Kilometres, 400 metres difference of  level.

-Pro:  Vârful Înalt, 40 km, 970 m  kilometres difference of  level.

For both routes, there is the same fee (50 Ron) .

The winners charts will be Open Masculine and Open Feminine and the number of the competitors will be limited to 150 (for both routes), and the registration can be made by clicking our link:

   Site:Ponoarele MTB

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Facebook:MTB RACE


Join us cycling  our beautiful  foothilled Mehedinti.



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