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Scattered by springs, meadows and countless limestone formations and bordered by mountains as a fortress natural walls, these lands have been inhabited since ancient times by our Geto-Dacian ancestors. Descending from the Stan peak or Motru stone, the land up beyond Glogova, on Motru Valley, the land unfolds as a natural amphitheater, a true illustration of the notion of "realm" as it had been defined by Blaga, author of the study about „rearing sheep space": "an open plan on a green mountain ridge, drained gently downhill".

The name of „realm” was imposed for the entire region as it emerges from the 1819 census (Plaiul Mountain) or the 1931 census (Plaiul Closani) which stayed alive in the consciousness of the inhabitants. It is related to the height of Closani stone that dominated the land, for traces of human existence were discovered in ancient times in these parts. Many are kept in museums, while others are still kept in the schools’ shelves (gloved or hole polished stone hammers, discovered in Baia de Arama, Marasesti, Negoiesti or Ponoarele).

Here there were also found some bronze axes (one of them being kept at the museum), evidence that copper was processed in this region. It had, according to experts, special qualities:

"Copper from Baia de Arama does not contain silver as the one in Transylvania, which certainly differentiate the two centers in Romania."

Historian Dumitru Berciu mentioned the discovery of Keron type vessel belonging to Salcuta culture: "Keroni vessels of which we have a single copy from Closani. It is related to those of Troy, with the vessel in Thessaly and Toszy from the Early Bronze Age. In the hill that guards the western part of town Baia de Arama and is named Dochiciu, were discovered a few Dacian coins:

"Besides the treasures were discovered in Oltenia a lot of Dacian coins scattered in all parts of the province. We mention those at Orodel (Dolj county), Baia de Arama (Mehedinti county) ..." Such coin, reproduced by the above mentioned historian, bears on one side the figure of a Dacian king (probably Durapaneus), and on the other side, the horse and the rider, a real historical model of fighter (Manimazos, Heros, Hercules), so-called The Tracian rider rider.

Speleologist Cristian Lascu, who researched the underground treasures of the land, says he has discovered in a cave in the area the traces of an old settlement and a bone needle from Neolithic:

"I keep it, it still connects me with an imaginary but certain thread, to the unknown Neolithic, about which we find in full adventure and discover the unknown corners of the earth. "Bratilov village which today belongs to Baia de Arama, was mentioned at the beginning of Mircea the Old ruling, during the years 1931-1392, in a document which gave the Tismana monastery more privileges including income from mines there.  In the region, about the old tradition of mining of Oltenia was talked about at the end of the sixteenth century, for the first time in the documents, the village Baia de Arama the property Glogoveni boyars.

George Erdeli also dealt with the human geography of the land, who mentioned the age of Baia de Arama: „Baia de Arama town appears fot the first time written on the map of Constantin Cantacuzino, printed in Padova in 1718, under the name of Minera di Rama, positioned southern of the Motru River.” It is also mentioned in the map of Frederich Schwartz (1723). The town is also mentioned under the name Calchis (copper) by Stefanus Bizantinus is Schitia region. The one who detailed these elements was Nicolae Densutianu, who identify it, in a faboulous book, with ancient Calcis, idea which was taken also by other researchers:

 „The origin of copper was for sure Scitian as he stated in the age named of the copper that characterizes the Carpathians. Particularly, town Chalcius of Scytia, which is mentioned by Stephan The Bizantine, could not by other than the so-called Copper Bay (Baia de Arama)” from the western part of Romania where the Austrian administration established that even since 1719 these over worked mines

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