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357 hunting loads

It has much less capacity and for real light or gallery loads it will be ideal. I have a pre-safety marlin 94 in 357 magnum. At the time, the . I plan to hunt whitetail deer with a 6. 13 Oct 2017 Some hunters believe the . Late winter is a good time to work up and test new loads for hunting by  5 days ago Handgun hunters use the cartridge to take game up to the size of small With the loads we tested, the extra barrel length of the . While the cartridge produces around 1200 ft/lbs of energy, which is more than a . Big 5 Sporting Goods gets you ready for the hunt! Federal American Eagle . This is a discussion on Blackhawk or GP100 for working up hot . Early . Add to Wish List. 357 mag case, Lee 158gr TL bullet probably made from 100% COWW Mar 15, 2019 · The Marlin 1894-CS 357 I tested last year is a great rifle, but the Ruger 77/22 edged it out in accuracy. 480 Ruger (among other cartridges). The plan is to give me another option for deer hunting here in Delaware. ~60yards to ~170 yard kill shots. Thanks for your imput concerning ammo. 223 Remington can duplicate the performance of the . . The average person is much better suited to it and can practice readily with both 38 Special loads for less recoil and full-house . 25-20, this is a black powder varmint cartridge. The acquisition of several hundred . My question is if anyone has been reloading the 357 for a coyote specific load. Paired with a . Blazer aluminum cased JHPs are pretty anemic. It can be used to hunt, and other applications. 327 Federal Magnum, . I used handloaded 158gr JSP, alternating with a 158gr JHP (using Win296 powder- it was Noslers "hunting load", I can't recall the grain weight of the powder at this time, but it was potent) using a S&W 686 with an 8 3/8" barrel, hit the deer in the vitals (Heart and lungs) three well placed shots, and one in the ass as she ran away- four shots Most folks can learn to shoot the 357 very well and with hunting loads in the 180gr to 200gr can give a critter a very severe wallop,for sure pass through on sitka deer at around the fifty yard range. Trent12 08:46 PM 03-30-2019. 357 Magnum choices, ranging from 100 to 180 grain. 357 sig hunting loads, 357 sig loads, 357 sig reloading 147 gr bullets, best 357 sig 147 grain reloads, bluedot handloads in . of muzzle energy. Have a choice of a 16-inch, Win 94 AE in . 357 Magnum Henry Big Boy Silver. 357 Magnum 180 grain Winchester Black Talon (a load which quickly disappeared from the market--I still have the rest of that same box I used on that hunting trip). You will put a little more wear on the gun if you shoot thousands of the 357s. 38 Super and rightfully so. Proper loading in an 1894 coaxes the round to take out a deer up to 150 yards. 357 magnum loads. The . My favorite cast bullet for this carbine is the NOE 180 grain. 357 inch diameter projectiles from Zero Bullets have an exposed soft lead tip at the crown of their copper jacket for a balance between expansion and penetration that makes them great for self-defense loads or even light game hunting. 357 Magnum factory loads are designed for anti personal use - not hunting. 357 Mag , iron sights or an AR-15 with a Weaver Extreme 1. )(2009 Note: Some of these loads are from 1996 and in the passing years the powder companies have reduced their maximum loads particularly ones that have been around a long time like Unique. 38 Special ammunition. criteria of the 357 was, it is very useful also for hunting up to medium game animals. My most-used load these days in a . 30-06, . 357 SIG has many available options, from target-shooting rounds to personal-defense loads, the . 357 mag lever rifle would be if it is powerful enough for hogs at Back around 1984, this Rossi Model 92 in 357 Magnum was my hog rifle. They both burn cleaner with the near max loads. Just as it is chambered for. In a hunting situation, you shouldn’t have to worry about a speed reload, so spare rounds can be carried in belt loops if you so desire. 44 Magnum, . 99dragon99 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor. 357 Magnum Author: Barnes bullets Subject: 357 Magnum Keywords: 357 Magnum Created Date: 3/22/2016 7:36:13 AM I am finally having to buy a new keg of H110 and I was checking my load records and found a discrepancy - I hate it when that happens! My newer manuals (Hodgdon and Speer) list maximum loads at 18. 45 Colt, . 357 loads, so I don't have much info to give you in that regards, but I do use unique to load up some 200 gr subs in . 357, and some popular . 38/44 Outdoorsman revolvers with heavy loads Sharpe had developed. 357 mag is a 100 yard gun in a rifle . 45 Colt Classic Model 25. My hunting load for my TC Contender: 357 Magnum new cases Federal Magnum primer 14. 1 chrono'd 158 gr JSP PMP factory loads and got 1380 fps. Its ballistics are inferior to the . While I really love my KLCR . With the right powder, it can push light- and mid-weight bullets as fast as the . Ten Man, Nov 8, 2012. Including, free printable targets, tips, safety instructions and of course gun loads. Even with their great accuracy I will save my remaining 190 gr bullets for hunting season. May 11, 2016 · For example in a 357 magnum, you can use a 38 short Colt case. The key to the 357 like most calibers, is the right bullet for the intended purpose, but it is even more important with the 357/38 class of loadings. Shop Ammunition for Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Ammo at prices you can afford. I've killed several deer (all inside 50 yards) with the . Plus we also go out and walk the woods in Bear Country. I killed 3 deer during the January Special Hunt. 357 Magnum is under appreciated is hunting. I currently cast a 173gn wfn from a noe mold, and hp’s from the mp hammer mold. 356 Winchester. 357Mag. I would like to hear what folks think about hunting loads for 357 Magnium both revolver and rifle for deer and hogs at shorter ranges 50 yrds (max 100 yrds). Ultimate Night Vision 782,204 views May 31, 2015 · Anyway, like I said, there are a lot of HP rounds advertised for hunting. Gallagher's Great Guns. The Sixguns of Hamilton Bowen. was introduced in 1935 it rocked the world. can be cranked up a bit in velocity with jacketed bullets for a flatter trajectory in longer-distance shooting and hunting small game. Top 10 Best . 22 LR. There are even lighter and heavier Hunting Loads for GP100 (. Velocity and Accuracy of . 357  It is a very versatile cartridge, and can be used with success for self-defence, plinking, hunting, or target shooting. 38 SPL with an Octagon Barrel today. 357 Mag bullets, shooting the . We’ll also cover selecting . 357 Magnum Enough for Deer Hunting” on November 17. Get them in close, wait for and only take the shot that your 100% confident you can connect with the vitals on and you'll be fine. Bosowicz uses commercial Remington 210-grain JSP ammunition in his . A . Still, it is a fine small and medium game round and will kill deer very reliably at reasonable ranges if the right loads (  7 Feb 2018 X caliber barrel blank with Bellm chamber. 357 Magnum One of my sweet spot hunting loads for the 357 is 13. 17 Rem. It's the best 3 shot group ever fired in my Rossi 357 mag rifle. I understand the nuances. by Jim Taylor. 45 ACP Sixguns. I've been loading mine to 38+P pressure levels and shooting out of a 357 Magnum revolver with excellent accuracy. I was going to use my stainless 6" GP100 but figure the extra barrel length on the redhawk would increase the velocity a little. 357 Sig could be used for close range deer hunting in some states. Wesson, who was vice president of the company and, along with Phil Sharpe, developed the cartridge and the revolver, went all over the country slaying everything from deer and antelope to moose and From about 1 foot I fired different ammo from two guns, Ruger SP101 . 07mm) and the same weight projectiles can be fired in either cartridge. 357 fires differently from a rifle than from a revolver. 0 gr of H110 for the 357 and testing some plinking ammo from Accura for the 38 special with Titegroup. 38 Special and the . 327 Federals. 38 Special but not full-power Magnum loads. What is your preferred bullet of choice? 27 Feb 2020 Quick Deer Hunting Revolver Ammo Tips. Reloading for the . 357 Magnum, they wanted to demonstrate the great power of the cartridge. 357 Magnum utilise bullets of the same diameter, measuring . 357 Magnum cartridge was born in my mind several years ago. This an energy of 668fpe which is very quite hot for 357 revolver loads. 45 Colt. 357 Mag, using . You need a bullet that will penetrate all that, and most hollowpoints used in most . 357 shows a  A typical 357 Magnum load will propel a 125gr bullet to 1400 ft/sec. However, if you go that route don't use old load data! The burn rate changed or something and it will create bad juju! I prefer heavy bullets in my . Dec 15, 2012 · The 180 grain XTP out of my 77/357 has fully penetrated deer past 100 yards. If I were specifically wanting something just to deer hunt, I'd look in the 158gr hp category. 0 grains of IMR 4227. 357 Magnum loads from Winchester used large primers and clocked over Wesson not only promoted the cartridge by hunting but special Registered   4 Dec 2019 357 Magnum? What bullet/ammo would you suggest, or, should I be considering hunting with the . Oct 31, 2014 · The 30/30 and original 357 Mag loads are both 40,000 cup max. 41 Magnum, or . Jul 01, 2014 · 4 out of 5 Pigs Recommend Night Vision over Thermal for Hunting at Night - Duration: 2:42. Mar 05, 2018 · I have taken game in most hunting suitable calibers from . Everything I have used has worked real well. CALL STORE FOR  Feb 19, 2015 - Premium Handgun Hunting Ammunition is loaded with the CastCore bullet to provide a heavyweight, flat nosed, hard cast lead bullet that passes  Finally, a serious, heavyweight load for the . 38 are a bit more drought-proof compared to other cartridges, though not entirely. 357 shows a pronounced improvement in velocity and trajectory. 357 Magnum handguns is an excellent choice for Big Game Hunting, Dangerous Game Hunting, or Target applications. 3 grs H110. When I brought a scoped carbine home, my 77/357 shot the best with Speer bullets, and I stocked up on 158's and 170's. 357 MAGnum throated long to accept . I have 2 . So we have put together a list of the finest . Top 5 Rated . 357 Mag. makes a perfectly viable cartridge for hunting deer and black bear, in either rifle or pistol form. 357 is its versatility in handling a wide range of special-purpose cartridges. 0 grains of H110 with a 140 grain bullet in a 357 Magnum. It is legal to use 357 mag here. You will be hard pressed to find a better hunting bullet for a 357 magnum. But, its use doesn't just stop there. 357 magnum bear guns and bear loads. 357 Magnum revolver. 357. The average Alaska black bear can be put down at forty yards for over a bait station. I like handloading practice pistol ammo for my four grandchildren and myself in . I've never hunted with a 357 but a 240gr SWC 44MAG is an awesome deer round. 357 loads. com as “Is the . This revolver is easily controlled with . This is a discussion on 357 magnum bear guns and bear loads. If you reload id go 45 colt load down for defense 200 @ 1000fps up up UP for hunting (barnes XPB is awesome). 45 ACP Auto. 2011 and has been edited for content. Governor, or vintage firearms. 357 Maximum is the Hornady 180 grain XTP HP over 20. I've seen this with both 4227 and 2400. 357 Magnum Cowboy Ammunition 50 Rounds Lead SWC 158 Grains HSM-357-1-N HSM . The Oct 27, 2017 · Is 10mm really better than . Trying to load 357 to . Using the Lee 358-140-SWC cast bullet @ 1400 fps, I killed many wild and open range hogs with this rifle. 44 Magnum Ammo 1. 357 Mag round, the rifle can fell a deer at 100 yards. The 357 Magnum with 158-grain JHP hunting loads, hollow point, not soft point, loads, will penetrate as far as 20 to 24 inches of water. makes a perfectly viable cartridge for hunting deer and black techniques without the heavier recoil of the full-house . I'm looking for opinions on the best ammo for this situation. I have used many different bullet styles besides the Lyman 358156, although it  Results 1 - 48 of 48 357 Magnum Ammunition and . I loaded a few with 231 now at 5gr but haven't had a chance to try them yet. The gas check version will shoot about 1" groups at 50 yards. 357 isn't powerful enough for deer but it is gun, the lower the recoil (assuming the same ammunition is used in the  16 Sep 2017 It's time to get ready for Ohio deer gun season by working up a hunting load for my . Awesome combo. US Patent: 8,413,587 | 8,161,885. It rang steel, but in my opinion, it wouldn't reliably take anything down at that range. 350 Legend. Shooting the . 357 magnum factory loads for deer I have never used factory loads for deer hunting with my 357 revolver but have had good luck using 158 gr Hornady XTPs That's a factor of bullet construction. Oct 08, 2019 · There are lots of handgun options on the market for deer hunters, from single shot pistols in rifle calibers to a revolver that's been around for almost 60 years. Enough has been written about the . 357 range from about 110 grains, on the low end of the spectrum, to an upper limit of more than 180 grains. Ruger's 4" Redhawk. Suggested use, N/A. 357 Magnum cartridges were made to be used by the police department as they needed a better terminal performing handgun load in the 1930s. They are plinker loads, not a hunting load. On a hunting trip with Col. 357 Magnum ammo was powered by a large rifle primer, a plus, but the bullets were so soft as to cause serious barrel leading with the use of a cylinder full or two, a definite negative. 6 grains VV-N110 Remington 158 Jacketed Soft Point This load has accounted for several dump truck loads of hogs, several coyotes (including my longest range kill to date, 190 yards) all manner of miscellaneous vermin, one John Deere tractor muffler pipe, etc. 454 Casull plus various Contenders in rifle loads. 357 that I have no need to rehash old history. Other features of the website include a very active forum and member photo galleries to upload photos of their latest game trophy or their newest handgun in the collection. I would pic my 7mm08 over the . Besides, they're a little big for shooting beer cans, don't you think? Below, see the exterior ballistic results of both loads zeroed at 75 yards: Apr 07, 2012 · Cylinder and frame are shorter. 357 Magnum is a useful and fun cartridge when fired from a revolver. The project is to work up a hot . 60 OAL. Every round of Hornady® Custom Jun 16, 2011 · With my Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited in . Hawes Western Marshall SA revolver proved to be very accurate with the Buffalo Bore load, but reliability was a concern. 9 pellets, and the . The Croft Connection. , 7mm Magnum and others, but they are still of sufficient power that they are suitable for hunting species as large as deer. There will be a few brief diversions to the Rossi, 20 inch 357 magnum lever action carbine too. 357) wanted. 357 Magnum. Also, in the 1894 I had accuracy/group sizes start opening up at anything beyond about 14g of LilGun, regardless of the projectile, so loading it any hotter is a Contender, or any firearm chambered in 454 Casull or 460. 357 Magnum factory  Results 1 - 19 of 19 View our range of products in 357 MAGNUM. Shot from the longer barrel of a rifle, though, the . As an example, the Winchester 110-grain JHP breaks about 1230 fps and is intended as a low-recoil defense load. You can find it at any retailer who stocks ammunition, no matter how remote the locale. 357 hunting loads Registered Users do not see the above ad. Mar 17, 2010 · Going hunting for wild boar soon and have a small dilemna. Put simply, ballistics gelatin is only good for testing how bullets perform in ballistics gelatin. ) The goals are to: Optimize the potentials of the . 357, loads for the . One is the fast stepping 125-grain JHP. 38 Special loads and more accurate than most. Latest Headlines 2020-05-15 04:35:11 Hunting An area where the . I am in the same situation as you. Oct 04, 2013 · Yes, factory pressure 357 mag loads would be safe. As far as general performance in a revolver, I have to give the edge to the . 357 I think winchester also makes a 357 load specifically with hunting in mind . And on that note,that gun will sell pretty easy. I'm considering trying the handgun for late season this year and a 357 is the most powerful I have for the time being. 357 Magnum revolver I would use a bullet weight of at  6 Feb 2017 We'll also cover selecting . Ten or so shots once every six . Buzz, I used to use Blue Dot for 125 gr 357 loads. 357 Magnum - This is a revolver cartridge adequate for shooting deer to about 50 yards. To this end, they hired professional hunters and equipped them with large N-frame revolvers with 8 barrels. 357 Magnum was collaboratively developed over a period in the early to mid-1930s by a group of individuals in a direct response to Colt's . I watched episode after episode of the series with my grandfather during weekends, and I remember when I was six years old, he bought me a toy revolver . 30 Carbine. 357 Magnum Load Data; 357 Remington Maximum Load Data; 357 Magnum Load Data. within the Range Reports forums, part of the Gunner Forum category; Too windy, today, for serious air gun work, so we headed to the range to do some revolver testing with my favorite factory heavy 357 Jul 25, 2018 · Like the . 41 Magnum and The . Shooting loads of 700X and a Lee 358-125-RNFP, it is something to behold. Just looking at our current selection of products, we find 63 different . 357 Mag cartridge also become popular for hunting, silhouette shooting, and self defense, both against human perpetrators and dangerous game (if in the area of the largest predators, such as grizzlies, many suggest opting for a magnum cartridge of a larger caliber, such as the . 357 Magnum is available in a broader range of options. “The . 357, loads for a friend I load for who goes to Tennessee deer hunting with his . Go with Mudrunner's Flextips and your friend will do well indeed. 38 Super was the only American pistol cartridge capable of defeating automobile cover and the early ballistic vests that were just beginning to emerge in the post-World War I "Gangster Era. 22 WMR or . 5, to 6-inch barrel and the right loads, you should be able to hunt game that you would hunt with a . 357 cases and standard velocity . A black bear has dense, tough muscles and is covered with thick fur, hide, and fat. 357 Mag/. 357 Magnum Hunting Loads Well, even though hunting season is a quite a ways off, here in the Pine Tree State it's never too early to start preparing for the cold mornings traipsing through the woods looking for that monster buck. 7 Dec 2018 As a rule of thumb, when it comes to hunting, muzzle energy is what many hunters look at when deciding on what caliber of firearm / ammunition  12 Jun 2018 The venerable . 38 Special loads. The plain base version with mild loads (about 1200 fps) will shoot 1-1/2 to 2 inch groups at 50 yds. The ammo I tested was standard FMJ 125 grain . picks up the pace with heavier Any . 357 Magnum Cartridge. 358), I found that there is an extremely limited amount of published data for loads. I would suggest that with your revolver you use either the 158 gr Speer Gold Dot or Hornady XTP with 16. I have an assortment of 158gr/. 38 Automatic differ only by their pressure limits. 357 Mag, the . 219. The Fabulous Family of Forty-Four Sixguns . It was not intended for deer hunting and is inadequate for the purpose. I have no concern that my 357 is not powerful enough to down a deer at this range. 357 load contains ap-proximately 135 No. My hunting revolvers start at 41 mag and go up from there at this time. However, when comparing apples to apples, the 44 mag is a more powerful cartridge. 357 Magnum Ammo Comparison Table for applications ranging from self-defense, wild boar and deer hunting according to your preference. 357 Mag 158 gr XTP ® Item #90562 | 25/Box. Use a good lube like LBT blue, or Carnuba Red or powder coat them like I do. 357 Maximum, the bullet diameter is small enough that the bullet needs to either expand well upon impact, or have as much meplat as it can and still provide stable flight over all hunting distances. 357 Magnum: (Note: These are near maximum loads, you should use 10% less to start. 44 Special/Magnum, 170 pel-lets. 357 180 gr 357 mag loads Discussion in 'The Ammo & Reloading Forum' started by ggtgary, Dec 1, 2009. If you stay with a hundred yards and can pick your shots a 357 mag will do the job on medium sized deer. 357 and . 357 ammunition loads for your different needs, and it should help you narrow down a style of ammunition or a set of characteristics that you should be looking for in an ammo This article originally ran on Guns. Federal are one of the few manufacturers to offer dedicated hunting loads for the . 5 grs of 2400. Also, the ammo is cheaper, and the smaller caliber is easier to clean. 357 Magnum Premium load from Federal, # C357B) it will handle anything from very light loads to very powerful hunting loads. There’s not a whole lot under the size of a deer that can’t be taken using some . Bullet weights can range from anywhere from 180 to 300gr. Add to  The first . Those in my agencies that carried the 357 had to carry as a minimum 158/160grain magnum plus P loads. 1grs of Titegroup. 357, in this image the Smith & Wesson Model 686, has plenty of knockdown power within 50 yards to take down deer and possibly further if you’re confident with your abilities. 357 Magnum Revolvers. 357 Sig for hunting Using a 4. Members Pistol: S&W 586 5 inch barrel Rifle: Rossi R92 19 inch barrel I might be totally off base here for trying to have one load for both but I would like a hunting load using . Handgun shooters looking for supreme accuracy and maximum knock down power have come to rely on Hornady Custom pistol ammo, loaded with either the famous Hornady XTP (Extreme Terminal Performance) bullet, our FMJ or FTX bullet. 38 Special cases, more powder space is gained, and a very powerful load of 13. With the ability to use ammunition from light . 357 Magnum with a 4-inch barrel re-sulted in 55 pellet holes in a pattern shot 12 feet from the muzzle. HSM . Now before we cock the hammer and fire through each choice, let’s take a look at the… Contents [ show] History of the . I've come to find out that most full-house . is reliably lethal on deer as long as your hunting strategy is realistic, as I will explain. , . It's currently available with 4. My point was only that the . My mold casts both gas check and plain base versions of this flat nose bullet. 357 Remington Maximum is a very efficient cartridge for hunters of medium game animals like deer and hogs. If you stay off maximum loads and keep below 40,000 in the current . Aug 16, 2014 · The . Oct 13, 2017 · Rather, what I assert is that . Dec 21, 2018 · A . 38/357 brass and bullets are widely available. I took it to the range yesterday just to make sure everything is working well. The test bullets for today are the 140gr and 158gr Hornady XTP. 357 because one needs the penetration more than the expansion. Hunting loads for 357 Mag. In Ohio any hand gun has to have a 5 1/2" barrel. 357 Mag Prior to recently improved loads (see below), one of the best factory choices for deer was the common 158 grain JHP or JSP, though I did have good results finishing a large buck with a . I having been packing my TRR8 S&W 357 pistol on my coyote calling setups. 357 Magnum rounds. Will be under heavy cover/trees so light will be very low. Both our 115 and 124 grain 9mm Sporting Handgun Pistol bullets are suitable for loading in the 357 Sig. 357 factory loads tend to be hotter than all but the "boutique" (Double Tap, Buffalo Bore) American . The handgun stays on my person in a shoulder holster and the rifle stays on the horse or in camp, unless I am feeling the need to have it in my hands, which does and has happened and has kept me from being injured/killed Those choosing the 357 Magnum cartridge tend to believe that a single hard hit is more important than a tight cluster of holes on the target. It would cost as much to sell the 38 and buy the 357. 38 that was used back then. 45, and the Buffalo Bore 180 grain heavy . 13 Mar 2020 This load develops a muzzle velocity of about 1,150 feet per second. 45 is mostly soft bullets designed for shooting people - HST, Gold Dots, etc - but with a harder bullet like an XTP it will run 16" or so in gel which is as deep as any service JHP gets. 35 Remington, . 9 MOA size. 357 MAGnum by long rethroating the factory chamber. Handloaders were able to overcome this problem by using hard cast bullets to replace the soft swaged factory bullets; jacketed bullets for the . of 2400 may be used in these cases, giving around 1150 fps. For hunting larger game over 100 lbs. 38 Special target loads for practice as well as squirrel, rabbit and other small game hunting to standard loads for turkey and coyotes and heavy bullet factory and hot handloads for deer hunting, the . Quite honestly, I've never been able to get my heavier 357 loads (180 to 205g Gaschecked lead boolits) to accept much more than 15gr of LilGun, at least when I use 1. 357/. Jun 24, 2009 · I suppose it is possible that the heaviest, best for hunting 357 magnum load generates energy equal to a lighter powered 44 magnum round designed for self defense with managable recoil. In a rifle, it’s a solid 75-100 yard gun, and in a pistol, I've seen some guys print groups at 50 yards so small it’d raise your eyebrows. 41, . May 10, 2020 · It is also a popular hunting and target shooting cartridge. Dec 24, 2019 · Moving up the scale, I also fired a number of Black Hills Ammunition . TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Contrary to the cartridge designation, the 357 Sig uses 9mm (. does from a 4. 0 gr of 2400 under a 180 gr JHP with a SPP. 5 gr. Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point bullet. 38 Spl and . These . . 357 Bullet for Hunting/Woods Just purchased a used, like new S&W model 686 5" brl 7 shot and plan on letting a friend take it to Alaska as a side arm. 38/. 45. Suffice it to say that the First Magnum impressed people from the beginning and that it still has a place in one's battery today. We were hunting in treestands so we could wait for a good shot, but the above advice is good, go 180 grain Buffalo Bore or Underwood will work. 357 Magnum loads are various reduced loads that are stronger than the . I loaded some loads for the 357 the other day using 158gr Dardas cast round nose bullets on top of 3. The long suit of the . Find BIG brands at low prices. Hi--I'm very new to shooting and reloading--at this point I hold the franchise on ignorance. Though not looked upon by many as a hunting pistol, my old standby sidearm is the Smith & Wesson Model 13  Not sure what his load was. Now that I picked up my GP100 . 41 Magnum, . I will be using my 357 during gun deer season and will be hunting out of my bow stand shooting at 40 yards or less. I have currently been using the same loads I use for deer hunting, but I would like to reduce the load to maybe a 38 + P load. A final concern, and a very important one, is penetration. 357 would be a better defense weapon against a bear than throwing rocks at it but wait, the last grizzly that woofed and clicked his teeth at me, I fired two shots over his head with my . Whenever I do a three-shot test group at the range this load shoots sub-MOA, typically in the 0. I haven't put the chrony to it as I have moved away from the 357 mag and been concentrating on the 44 Spl, 44 Mag and 45 Colt for hunting. We, and by that I mean I, have tested all of these rounds, and a few dozen more, and I can confidently say that I would trust these factory loads to serve their purpose. The max is 4. In the 1:16″ 16. Moving to the . Great Big Bore Leverguns; Great Loads. 357 Magnum gun/ammo is the “best” route to go if you’re serious about your S-U-R-V-I-V-A-L! Dec 18, 2018 · The . 357 Magnum sixgun is the Lyman #358156GC bullet over 14. I don't recommend any HPs for hunting deer with a . 38 Special target loads to full-powered hunting rounds of up to 1600 fps velocity. 17 Caliber. 44M use W296. 44 Mag? I prefer the relatively light recoil of the  41 Magnum and other larger magnum rounds. D. So lets stick to the specifics of my situation. Small to Medium-Size Game Hunting. May 10, 2019 · Of course +P loads can be shot out of a 357 magnum revolver / rifle without damage to the firearm. HUNTERS ELEMENT · LA CACCIA · MEINDL · RIDGELINE HORNADY 357MAG 140G FTX AMMO 25PKT. 32 QuickView I have used a 357 mag in different barrel lengths from 4" & 6" revolvers and 10" T/C Contender to kill deer. 357 loads exceeded that slightly, but current . There was very little difference in the velocities between the two. 357 Magnum typically fires a 125 or 158 grain bullet, with the ligher projectile trading a bit of penetration for higher velocity and, in the case of jacketed hollow points, more reliable expansion. 38 Special 125-grain JHP +P loads. So, the cartridge was developed by Elmer Keith, Phil Sharpe, along with Smith and Wesson, by performing changes on the . We'll go over the pros to using this ammo to hunt various  38 Special +P loads make particularly good practice ammunition and with 125 grain bullets shoot sufficiently flat for small game hunting. 308 Win. Jul 17, 2019 · Although the . 357 Magnum Ammo. 357 Magnum hunting rounds for a Lever Action Rifle? For the first time in my life, my state (Ohio) is allowing straight walled, pistol caliber rifles for Deer hunting this year. Frankly, between some dude on the internet and Winchester or Federal, I’m leaning toward trusting the dude on the internet, especially when you consider the major ammo manufacturers are selling relatively light . 5gr and 4gr of Titegroup. Flexibility of the . 59 to 1. 357 Magnum Uberti Lightning Short Hunting with Sixguns. The 357 round is substantially cheaper to buy, reload for and specialty loads abound. Loads for . Even the 125gr gold dot & Hydroshock has been great. Dec 06, 2018 · Given revolvers more utility stature nowadays, you can load a rifle up with everything from old-time semi-wadcutter target loads, wicked defensive ammunition and even tailor-made hunting options. Back in the 30s when Smith & Wesson introduced the . 357 Magnum Revolvers in 2020 I grew up in a home where watching The Lone Ranger was a very common form of entertainment. Today it falls well short of that mark, but is still a relatively powerful round. 357 Magnum factory ballistics tables call for a muzzle velocity of 1450 fps for the 125 grain JHP with 583 ft. 357 Magnum a viable proposition against bear & boar. There is no higher pressure available in a lever gun over a stout revolver. The original 357 load was a 158 grain bullet with  2 Mar 2018 357 Magnum Reloads. 357 Is A Blast By Lane Pearce Lane gathered up as many of the propellants, bullets, and primers suitable for handloading the . 38 Spl. Wesson, Vice-President of Smith & Wesson, a pair of heavy frame Outdoorsman model revolvers were used with a large assortment of handloads developed and previously tested by myself. I use a Ruger SRH in 480 with a bit of success on deer, and just recently picked a GP-100 in 357 as another interesting way to take deer, and was wondering what loads and bullet combo's some of you are The revolver, and the . 357 magnum is a time tested self-defense cartridge. 45 cartridges and handloads aren’t very good choices. 357 loads. 357 sig , 147 hornady xtp bullets, The . Both loads were very light to say the least, nothing like factory loads. The model 92 of course is the strongest of them all, and was used with the heavy loads just as I do when I’m using it hunting. This was in the early 1930s and Sharpe began work on developing the . 357 Magnum?? I've been noticing a lot of discussion on this subject and a lot of claims as to the superior abilities of the hallowed 10mm round for use against large and dangerous wildlife. 357 loads make the . 25″ barrels, we tested loads from subsonic . That said, I have a 6” gp100 that I just acquired an ultradot for. Apr 11, 2020 · Chiappa Firearms – Rhino 40DS Handgun 357 Magnum | 38 Special 4IN 6 340. Both the . 30-30 Win. You are loading way past max loads. 44, and . 230 grain . The only pistol caliber lever guns I have left are in . 20 Caliber Loading & Shooting The . 357 Magnum is a versatile cartridge with a ton of options. 357 loads do not. They don't last at the shops around here nwwoodsman,my 357 sp is definitely a handfull with the full power 357 loads As far as hunting loads go for the . 357 ammo for hogs, Our goal is to bring you everything you need to accurately reload your own weapon of choice, along with all the accessories to go with it. 357 Mag Handgun Ammo Suggestions for the Hunt Most folks would take a 44 mag over a 357 or 45 ACP, but I'd rather have the 357 mag over a 45 auto. No, any way you look at it, the . As I've wanted one for awhile anyway, I picked up a Rossi R92 in . That is a Ray Thompson design & Skeeter was very fond of it in 38 special brass with 13. 32-20 Win. 357 is still a popular and potent round. 357 Magnum, 10mm Auto, . 357 or 45 colt is the only real option based on your parameters. +40 CCI’s . - Like the . The ability to use 38 Specials adds another layer of versatility. Oct 14, 2016 · Among the . My favorite jacketed load for the . 357 for self-defense, and hunting with . 38 and . The 357 Magnum was, at the time of its introduction, the most powerful revolver cartridge in existence. 5" barrelled 357 magnum next fall. 357 hunting loads. 357 Magnum for the woods and hunting! These hardcast L. 357 ‘magnum’ loads for hunting deer. I look at handgun hunting the same as bow hunting. B. If you dont reload id go 357- shooting 125s for home defense 158-180 premium hunting amunition. I had on hand two loads from Black Hills Ammunition. They are a hoot to shoot! Ten Man, Nov 8, 2012. cartridge, is no longer the choice for American police officers, but the combo is still a popular choice for hunting, sport shooting and personal defense. 500 S&W, but with practice and Casting and handloading a 357 magnum can produce terrific highly accurate results. Hamilton Bowen's . 357 for EDC when I opt for a revolver. 357 Magnum but these do need to be considered with care. Recommended . Nov 02, 2019 · 357 Magnum vs 44 Magnum: History. These include CCI 38SPL 357MAG SHOTSHELL 10PKT, FEDERAL 357 MAG 125GR JHPPD 20PKT, FEDERAL 357 MAG 158GR JHP PD 20PKT. The bullet is the key. Here, handgun-hunting expert Hunting with the . 44 Mag can accept and propel much heavier grain bullets than the . 357 mag 158 gr JHP The . through . After purchasing 500 hardcast lead (Brinell hardness 21) 180 grain non-gas checked flat-nosed bullets (sized . 357 loads are a bit too much for me-at least out of my KLCR. Yes it's a heavy 38,but some of us like to feel the gun instead of having a ultra light piece. I too killed several with the old 158gr Gold dot & it was as good as it gets in the 357. 357 loads through a Smith & Wesson Model 19 . I have read that with the heavier bullets lil-gun is a good choice but I have also been warned that lil-gun can destroy barrels. Barrel length, mm, 150. Rifle Cartridges. 357 Magnum loads typically produce velocities between 1,200 and 1,500 feet per second along with relatively heavy recoil. 357 Magnum Whitetail and Bear loads and combinations on projectiles for Bear since why will be hunting this year is in Bear Country. 357 jacketed bullets. Don't see much on here when it comes to pistol hunting, but I do enjoy another challenge. 38 Super Automatic. 357 Maximum type loads would not be. Sow’s Ear Becomes A Oct 29, 2016 · I bought a 7 & 1/2" stainless Redhawk in 357 magnum to compliment the Ruger 77/357 (stainless/synthetic stock) I bought for deer hunting. Aug 01, 2018 · Ruger expanded the number of cartridges available in the revolver after it took off in popularity. 44 Magnum and put down many a feral hog as well. 357 mag. There IS some very hot loading info out there (websites only) for the 357 large-frame Ruger Blackhawks (or the 5,000 or so 357 Redhawks in existence), but it's a bit dated and I don't think I'd trust it. 357 ammo for hog hunting, 357 for hogs, 357 hog hunting, 357 magnum ammo for hog hunting, 357 round for hogs, ammo for hog hunting, best . 357 Magnum levergun are the same as they are for the . 38 Special +P loads make particularly good practice ammunition and with 125 grain bullets shoot sufficiently flat for small game hunting. 357 Magnum range you will be OK. The claims that the 10mm is wholly superior to the . On a hunting trip together they used a pair of . It is NOT suitable for the Colt Single Action Army, Colt. All six of these 45-70 loads will flatten grizzlies. Handgun Hunter Magazine publishes a large volume of member provided articles on handguns, hunting, shooting, reloading, optics, and other outdoor related subjects. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases. 44 magnum that didn't phase him, so I picked up a baseball size rock which I threw and hit him, and he then ran away. Cast bullets or restrict hunting loads to Jacketed HPs? The upper is used when loading . This can be hard to put into words and requires a good deal of field experience to fully understand. 357, and my regular match loads it took me 9 rounds to zero in on our 24" buffalo at 200yds, practicing at Lapeer County. 357 Mag guns. (stainless 6" barrel) How about some of you guys share your hunting (deer) loads & experiences. $27. 38 +P cases allowed me to experiment with different powders and bullets, and I have settled on one or two loads for all my needs. Oct 08, 2017 · This afternoon I loaded another 10 rounds of what is my current standard hunting load in my 257 Weatherby Magnum. They have a larger sectional density density than most 44 magnum bullets. 357 Caliber bullets that you need, you can always count on getting low prices at Sportsman's Guide! Use this  357 MAGNUM SJHP V312032 158 GRS. Accuracy was better when the load was dropped back a half grain or so. 357 hunting loads within the Hunting forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; in a debate with myself for a while now on this one. The capsules are designed to break on contact with the rifling. Jan 19, 2013 · The . 357 Magnum Cowboy Ammunition 50 Rounds Lead S Our Low Price $46. " A portion of the proceeds of all HSM Bear Load sales support the . (Ask about other options such as . average, which pushes the design limits of its rear-locking action. Apr 23, 2012 · Rounds Downrange: The Showdown Between H110 and Hercules 2400 For . lbs. 357 intend to use for hunting or defense, you should test fire the gun with the ammo you  a rifle and ammunition that are lawful for hunting big game, muzzle loaders and archery equipment may be used to hunt big game in this area in WMU 357,  This 165 grain HG Solid™ designed for . 15 grains of lil' gun is the max for a 180 bullet. When selecting a hunting load, it is important to match the bullet weight and  7 Apr 2017 The . 357 inches (9. The standard 357 and 45 ammo penetrated three 2x4’s which is 4. + P Ammunition, No. The war of the cartridges… The safer but more powerful option… The hunter’s choice… Top 10 Best . 38 Special brass while Wesson went about developing a new revolver that could handle the pressure which would be developed. decent expansion and always a 100% pass through for me even on a solid shoulder hit. 357 revolvers that I normally use, a Smith & Wesson Model 19 with 4” barrel, and a Ruger Blackhawk single action revolver with a 6 ½” barrel. 44 Mag can also be used in carbines chambered for the cartridge and is a great option for hunting purposes where the recoil will be less severe. 38 Special target loads to full-powered hunting rounds of up to 1600 fps velocity. 38 Super and the . Best . 357 Magnum revolver can also shoot all . Blackhawk or GP100 for working up hot . However, the . 99. 1 Apr 2012 The . I load the same load in the bottom crimp groove or 14 grs in 357 magnum brass for fine accuracy. Oct 18, 2018 · Most people associate high velocity with the . 454 Casull and . I believe that the . Clear open shots ranges from Best . Whitetail deer hunting tops the list of animals hunted with . I use the furthest range at which I can put all 6 shots into a 4 or 5 inch target CONSISTENTLY as my maximum range,and then pick my shots carefully ! The first . 357 is considerably less, and thus more fun to shoot for longer time periods. 5 inches. 357 Magnum out of a J frame or similar sized Snubbie can be done, but usually with a higher price for recoil or follow up shots than using standard 38 Special or 38+P ammo. The Three-Fifty-Seven Magnum's in My Life. 357 Magnum rifle/carbine shooting full power hunting ammunition should be sufficient up to 100 yards on deer and wild hogs, with proper bullet placement. As you can see from the information and examples related here, the 357 Magnum is an extremely versatile cartridge in the categories of: combat, self-defense, field protection, handgun hunting, target A couple 357 hunting loads and a load in 38 special for a close range " put it out of its misery without destroying any meat " round. Most of my "serious" loads in the . 6 to 0. Jan 01, 2017 · The 357 Magnum, in heavy loads, makes a great Bowling Pin or Silhouette competition choice with heavy bullets in the 200 to 230 grain range. 92 with a 20 inch barrel only to test velocity loss between 20 inch and 24 inch barrels of the rifles. 357 Magnum sixgun is simply because the whole point is to be able to use the same load in both. Cor-Bon makes some good loads as well up to 200 grain. 0 grains of #2400. 357 Magnum rifle can be a versatile addition to any hunter or shooter's gun collection. Cowboy, Colt Anaconda, Ruger Redhawk, Ruger New Vaquero (Post-2004), Taurus Judge, any Smith and Wesson revolvers including the. With my handguns, accuracy is pretty much a wash , (they all shoot better than I do). Aug 17, 2019 · Reloading 38 special / 357 Mag / Titegroup / H110 Part 2 Testing out 15. 5-4X 30mm tube with Dual-X/red illum dot. 357 Mag hollow points. 357 magnum handgun. the magnum cartridge helps push some of the hotter loads upwards of  If you shoot a lot of dirty ammo and then, without cleaning, try to feed . These loads are for 357 magnum guns only, don't use in a 38 special. If you handload, your range and shots can open up a bit, but if you are stuck with factory ammo, not many loads are made for hunting from rifles. Smith & Wesson's . The lever action Marlin operates faster if you need fast backup shots, but the Ruger is a lot easier to carry and easier to put the first round on target out around 100 yards. 357 max as a 300 yard deer killer any day . 172” Diameter. Just like any other modern gun. 357 magnum, 230 grain ball ammo for my . But it sounds like you are just wanting to shoot side matches. Apr 24, 2011 · The blackhawk with a 10" barrel in either . 357 magnum 2-1/4 barrel and Model 1911 Colt . Thanks. 358/. That is a 110 grain Nosler Accubond with a muzzle velocity of a bit more than 3,300 fps. But not every revolver will shoot lead effectively, that's an unfortunate truth. When the . Introducing the lastest products from the worldwide leader in ammunition. 270 Win. These guns were loaded with the largest bullets and hottest loads they could handle without blowing up. 38 Special ammunition can be safely and accurately fired through a 357 Magnum revolver, and is excellent for practice and plinking. Black Hills 240gr. I carry a revolver chambered in 500 Linebaugh too, along with the rifle. 357 Magnum load. These range from powder-puff . There is a tremendous variety available; everything from reduced recoil loads to max-pressure bear loads, and everything in between. 44 Magnum, it also has less recoil. 357 MAXimum published loads in MAGnum brass, 357 MAXimum, and. ) Buzz, I used to use Blue Dot for 125 gr 357 loads. with a . Dec 1, 2009 #1 not as a hunting bullet. 355”) bullets. Features, N/A  26 Jan 2015 357 Magnum ammunition is the ideal ammo to use for hunting when using a handgun. 30 Carbine, . 6-inch Buffalo Bore's new 180-grain . I have used many different bullet styles besides the Lyman 358156, although it has remained nearest my heart. I have just got a 6" taurus 357 revolver and would like to develope loads for hunting. 22 Hornet, . These are designed primarily for practice and personal defense. With 147 grain, hollow points at 1,300 FPS from a 5 or 6-inch barrel, the . 17 Rem Fireball. 357 carbine  Ammunition · Rifle · Rimfire · Handgun · Shotgun · American Gunner New Products. 357 Magnum is still in the top five most popular handgun cartridges worldwide. I have hunted many a whitetail with the . If you can put a scope on your gun thats all the better for pin point bullet placement. Over the years, Ruger has offered the revolver in 9x19mm Luger, . 38 Automatic’s Dec 12, 2018 · By careful loading, the . If you want magnum performance then get some 357 magnum cases. 357 Magnum, things became interesting. While replacing the sights with sights I could see after the passing of 20+ years, I decided to work up a different cast bullet load. Like you, I have an lot of 38 cases. And I used an old Rossi 357 mod. Cases extracted fine and didn't have any real issues. 357 Remington Maximum The . 357 loads (since SAAMI reduced the pressure numbers in days gone by). The 357’s range of useful bullet weights is 90 to 200 grains; and loaded to about 1500 fps, that 200 penetrates like there’s no tomorrow. Sep 16, 2017 · It's time to get ready for Ohio deer gun season by working up a hunting load for my . For factory ammo, Federal's American Eagle 158gr JSPs are very good as is Federal's 158 gr Fusion load. Douglass B. 357 magnum inspired me to do a bit of research on the subject. The same by using a 32 S & W short case in a 327 I have had primers look like that with some of my near max 357 and 41 mag hunting loads. Bullet placement is critical with a 357, when we first started shooting them we used 158 grain solids and they were marginal at best. 0-inch barrel, but it can also be downloaded to powderpuff loads. 357 Magnum case by lengthening the . 357 never really gets painful to shoot, even in higher ft-lbs loads. 357 ammo for deer hunting, 357 deer ammo, 357 deer hunting ammo, 357 mag deer hunting ammo, 357 magnum deer hunting ammo, best 357 ammo for deer, best 357 ammo for The recoil of the . This thread was started with the idea that if one were limited to a 357, they could choose from a few hunting loads for their consideration. 38 Special to a stout that these cartridges will ensure success at the range and on your next hunt! (125 grain jacketed hollowpoint . Several manufacturers have introduced loads of lower power and recoil in such cartridges as . 357 Magnum as he could get his hands on, and he put together a huge batch of new handloads. Ideal for hunting medium sized game. Generally, the bullets used by both the . And the max is a great round but you want to compare beefed up reloads that can only be shot from a couple guns to factory ammo that's made for any handgun . The test bullets for today  . When seated out to the lower crimp groove in . The Remington 180-gr will be slower, but would be likely to give a decent chance for adequate penetration as well, but European . I'm thinking how convenient a . 256 Winchester may have been loaded to about 45,000 max. I thought that higher velocity was everything I wanted when I started handloading a variety of powders and bullets for a . In this article, we’ll take a look at the flexibility of the . " Premium Handgun Hunting Ammunition is loaded with the CastCore bullet to provide a heavyweight, flat nosed, hard cast lead bullet that passes through the bone without breaking apart. Additionally, . It was the most powerful handgun in the world with factory ammunition. For the folks here who hunt with a . The reason my loads for the . 357 hunting loads

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